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Newbie! 2001 s3 specialists in London?

Andy~s3 Jan 29, 2013

  1. Andy~s3

    Andy~s3 New Member

    Hi folks! Just got myself a s3 , I'm looking to get someone to give it the once over as I'm not convinced that I'm getting full power,
    dont get me wrong it's quick and pulls well but I was expecting a bit more when I give her the beans in 1st and 2nd!

    After driving it like a granny to and from work my computer is reading 20mpg and that's not going over 2000rpm is this normal? P

    after I get this checked il be getting it remapped I don't know anything about this end of things so any help would be appreciated!

    Regards Andy :)
  2. bomasspot

    bomasspot Member

    Where are you based. I can recommend Russell Automotive in Kingsbury NW9 or alot of people here also recommend 4Rings. They are mobile and come to you.
  3. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    used AmD in Harrow based on someones recommendation here and no regrets.

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