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NEWBIE....'03 a3 2.0tdi facelift, various faults - any help appreciated

A3Danny Jun 25, 2012

  1. A3Danny

    A3Danny New Member

    Hi all,

    New to the forum scene all together let alone this website so please bare with me, this is lengthy;

    I have a 2003 Audi A3 2.0tdi (BKD) sport, Facelifted and mapped (done before I bought it).

    A couple of problems surfaced with the car about a month after buying it;

    The alarm constantly goes off, even when the car is started and driving so it looks like I’ve nabbed it!!, I have resorted to pulling the "big" fuse from under the bonnet (and now I can't remember where it came from :confused:), I know about the common wiper problem, and my boot lid catch sensor is rotten as a pear, but it is unplugged at the mo, I have stopped the leak around the wiper, I completely stripped the mechanism down and packed the whole lot with vacuum grease, definitely doesn't leak now... Diagnosis machine cannot find any alarm faults!!!

    Driver’s window goes down, but if you stop it half way it always goes down when it’s trying to come back up, as if the sensor has felt something in the window, I have checked the motor, cables and clips on the window but all seems ok...

    When driving, at random times, the "glow plug coil" light starts flashing, then the car seems to have no throttle response what so ever, if I cut the car out and start it up again the problem clears itself and the light stops flashing, but it is getting worse, sometimes the light starts flashing straight away on startup and throttle response is poor from then and it will not rev over 3250 rpm with the pedal flat to the floor (where it usually pulls like a "gooden" up to the red zone)...

    I recently changed the front left hub as the bearing was shot, the job was a piece of cake to do, went very smoothly, but a couple of days ago on the way home on the motorway the ABS and ESP light came on when I touched 70mph. I took the car and had it diagnosed...

    Now I wish I hadn’t because I got the following fault code list back:
    • 00283 Speed sensor front left - G47
    • 16610 P0226 Throttle pedal position sensor/switch-C-circuit: range performance (Value of resistance too great)
    • 18051 P1643 Please check DTC memory of: central electric ECU
    • 18042 P1634 Accelerator pedal position sensor 2-G185: signal too high (Value of resistance too great)
    • 16497 P0113 Intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit-G42: high
    • 18000 P1592 Altitude sensor/Boost pressure sensor: implausible ratio
    • 16622 P0238 Turbo super charger boost sensor (A) circuit: high
    • 19558 P3102 Motor for intake flap-V157: no signal
    • 16502 P0118 Engine coolant temperature circuit- G62: high (Value of resistance too great)
    I understand that some of those fault codes might have come from other codes being thrown up...

    Any help fixing them would be very appreciated... I am pretty capable of doing jobs myself just don't know what to do

    If you would like pictures of anything let me know and I'll get them on ASAP...

    Also can anyone recommend a good VAGCOM software to be used in conjunction with my windows 7 laptop, I am sick of paying for fault codes to be read (as I need it done so often) so I would like my own software...

    Thanks for the patience of reading this...

  2. Administrators

    Administrators Administrator Staff Member Administrator Audi A4 TDi

    Hi Danny Welcome to ASN...

    Have you had all the codes cleared and is this whats come back? the wheel speed sensor sounds like it might have got damaged when you were doing the bearing. As far as VAGCOM or VCDS try and find NHN on here and see if he can help you..

    Many thanks

  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Hi Danny. Welcome to ASN. Any pics? Have a read at the faqs threads at top of the page, lots of great info in there. As bove message from Adam, nigel user NHN for vcds. Hope you enjoy the forum. :) x
  4. A3Danny

    A3Danny New Member

    Thanks for the prompt reply, Yes I have had them cleared and this is what came back, for about the 5th time.(kind of hoping problems would fix themselve's but it's not happening:think:)

    I forgot to mention that I have changed the wheel sensor since doing the hub and had the problem code cleared again, but still no joy...


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