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wagon May 26, 2009

  1. wagon

    wagon cock locked and ready to rock

    hi all, just thought id pop in and say hi.

    just this morning picked up my 8l S3.

    its on a W plate, neggaro blue.

    no mods as yet, apart from old style rs4 reps (i think)

    centre caps missing. have to try and source some from somewhere.

    also audi stereo was nicked from it while at the garage a week ago.the garage replaced it with a cheep sony one. but obviously doesnt work. took it out and there are about 5 connectors that need to be plugged in.

    im kinda hoping that i can get hold of a concert 2 stereo, anyone know if this will fit. also im unsure if the car has the BOSE speaker option. ive looked in the boot and there is an amp on the right hand side, and on the left a sub, with two grills and it says BOSE on it, but would this mean that the rest of the system is the same.

    its alot quicker than i thought. im loving it.......

    went for a bit of a blast tonight and the ABS and traction control light have come on which isnt great. a mate at work has vag com so ill get him to take a look. knowing my luck it will be fu*cked even before ive done 100 miles.

    oh also has a sort of "race" with one of those white astra VXR's. nailed it. pi55ed all over it at the lights then he couldnt keep up. stopped at the end of the road, he pulled up along side and said that he was going flat out, foot to the floor, i wasnt, ha ha ha.

    sorry for the long post, i got a bit carried away.

    um yeah so anyway, hi, ill get some pics up tomorrow when the some comes back out (fingers crossed)


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