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NewB here - DIS retro fit clarification please guys!

curlyred Mar 13, 2010

  1. curlyred

    curlyred New Member

    Hi - I have searched threads and read some differning opinions on this subject but I have just purchased a 55 3.0tdi avant S-Line as the family bus and am very pleased with it but, to my suprise, when driving home I realised that it did not have a trip computer (DIS) - All I want to be able to do is see the MPG. Would someone kindly just confirm that on this Model & year of Car all I have to do is fit the correct wiper stalk and have it recoded, where would I go to get this done? Any help and advice much appreciated - Thanks - Curlyred (55 3.0 A4Avant TDI S-Line Quattro)
  2. chrisru

    chrisru New Member

    I had mine done by Hazzydayz Ltd and very happy with the service, they travelled to Reading to do this at work and obviously do a huge number of such mods. They charge £175 now according to the website http://vwcruise.com/70.html - I'm sure it might be cheaper if you do it yourself but I appreciated using someone with experience of any potential issues.


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