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New with a few questions

CL3RICx2 Jan 10, 2010

  1. CL3RICx2

    CL3RICx2 New Member

    Hi everyone, I picked up my 05 S4 Avant in october and have been loving it.

    I have a couple of general questions im hoping you guys can steer me in the right direction with.

    Firstly in Drive mode (auto) the car revs to a respectable 6700-6800 (i cant remember exactly) but this is fine. In sport which surely means sportier which must mean faster it revs to about the same. Im expecting 7000rpm but it wont seem to do it, can anyone confirm this as normal or not.

    Secondly I have an Ipod doc for the glove box where the CD changer goes. Is this an easy fit or should I just pay someone to do it. I work with electrics for a living so that side I have got covered but im more worried about the paneling and all the glovebox if it needs to come out or not.

    And lastly (this will seem sad) the car didnt come with the genuine S4 brake calliper springs with S4 badges. I know I know, but i really think these small details finish the car off and mine doesnt have them and I want them lol:shutup2: anyone know where I can get these that wont cost the earth.

    Any help would be great and much appriciated.
  2. Think Dazmo had a website for the decals?
  3. CL3RICx2

    CL3RICx2 New Member

    I dont want the decals, I want the genuine S4 Badged calliper springs :sm4:
  4. Marrow

    Marrow Member

    Main dealer will sell you some I remeber some one on here saying they were about 75 ish quid I think ! Not sure thought give them a ring ?

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