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  1. tazzy baby

    tazzy baby Welsh & Proud

    Hey dudes just a catch up i have ditched the idea of white wheels and went for these instead


    they were cheap coz one wheel is different the spokes dont bend but i thought what the hel
    So far i have put on

    Aero flat wiper blades
    Clear side repeaters
    all new front suspension arms
    Head light brows
    LED number plate bulbs

    I have got on order

    A HID conversion kit
    A set of coil overs

    And the next things ive got to do ( when the other half up's my pocket money )

    Window tints
    Dump vale
    Clear rear tail lights
    Fit my head rest monitors ( had for a while )
    Fit my rear veiw cam ( had for a while )
    Exhaust ( not sure what one )
    Private plate ( when dvla gets one in )

    And things i need if any one has them for an AEB 1.8t 97 going really cheap

    Engine and gearbox mounts
    Door mouldings
    Rear wiper motor and blade
    Front washer jets

    So how did every one's xmas and new years go good i hopw
  2. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

  3. S4twiggy

    S4twiggy Fully Certified Detailer!!

    seen you up asda earlier mate doin u turns lol wheels look nice mate. need to get tha lowered now
  4. tazzy baby

    tazzy baby Welsh & Proud

    The old ball and chain said if im a good boy she will get me a set of coil overs. and i not happy aint had no sleep all night> My 4 ring badge on the bootlid lights up with my brakes and i caught some **** trying to steel it last night, He was the brother of the girl who hit my bonnet with a hammer and lets just say he wont be going anywhere near it for a while

    Heres a pic of my light i think its cool as f~~k
  5. S4twiggy

    S4twiggy Fully Certified Detailer!!

    lol fair enough. you will have to come to the meet in feb mate.

    not sure about the four rings lighting up though but everyone to their own

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