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New wheels - a few updates

Pops848 Mar 4, 2013

  1. Pops848

    Pops848 Active Member

    Well I finally bit the bullet and got my wheels sorted on the A3. After getting the windows tinted and wanting something a bit different I was going away for a week and thought no need for the car so might as well get the wheels done. So I went to my friends body shop and we created a one off colour with a bit of paint flicker in so the wheels are technically one offs but from a distance you can't really tell!

    After that I got the LED sidelights as one blew and needed replacing, thanks to Trups for this, top service as always!!

    I'm now toying with the idea of painting the roof, spoiler and wingmirros in black, what do you guys think? Am I turning a nice car into a chav mobile or is it a few little alterations for that different look?

    Just after picking the car up


    Washed and cleaned


    LED Sidelights


    I'm really happy with the overall look, just trying to decide if I want to finish it off with roof spoiler and wing mirrors...
  2. nil538

    nil538 Active Member

    Looks good mate

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