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New water temp sensor made my A3 slower?

a318t Jun 30, 2012

  1. a318t

    a318t Member

    Hi guys,

    I've recently been for a remap on my A3 1.8T Engine code AGU. When it was at the company (R-Tech), they noticed it had a faulty water temperature sensor before remapping. They remapped it anyway, but obviously advised that I had it replaced.

    Yesterday I got it back from my local garage. It's had a new water temp sensor fitted, but it feels slightly 'weaker' than before. I can't tell whether it's the humid weather we've had in England the past few days, my imagination or it is actually slower (or a mixture haha)

    What I'm hoping you guys will know is whether or not the new water temp sensor is regulating differently to the faulty one that was on before, therefore affecting the car's performance? Obviously the remap was installed when the car had the faulty sensor, and now a new one has been fitted, would it have a negative affect on the remap, or perhaps mean the remap won't work as well with the new sensor as it did with the old faulty sensor?
  2. bengal

    bengal Member

    It could be that it was running rich with the bad sensor and now it has been replaced the ecu needs to relearn with the new sensor, this takes x amount of miles.

    You could try disconnecting the battery for half an hour, when reconnected the ecu will have been reset back to zero and it will relearn quicker. You will need to realign the throttle body in doing this though which you need fully registered vcds.

    If you don't have vcds then I'd just carry on driving it and it should sort itself out in no time.

    I've had issues with mine running rich in the three years I've had the car and every time it has taken about 50 miles to sort itself out.

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