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New viscosity Fuchs 5w-30 Oil

rjm180 Feb 4, 2012

  1. rjm180

    rjm180 Active Member

    Have just seen on an e mail from Opie that the Fuchs Titan Race Pro S Ester Synthetic is now available in 5W-30 which is the viscosity recommended for our V8's. I as have a lot of us have used the Fuchs Titan and until now it has only been available in 5w-40 which we have been using to try and quieten the chain rattle.

    I for one was rather hoping that this Race Pro S oil would be available in the correct viscosity recommended by Audi one day as I always felt the V8 should have the correct viscosity in it as I think these chain tensioners can be temperamental and I wouldn't want to do anything not by the book as such that might bring on an early failure. So, I'm pleased and its now available I'll be buying some of the new 5w-30 version.

    Wanted to make you all aware of this new viscosity oil and what are your thoughts and opinions please. For those of you running the Race Pro S 5w-40, will you now go to the 5w-30 now its available.
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