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New user - new noob questions :)

Brissel-Chris Feb 4, 2008

  1. Brissel-Chris

    Brissel-Chris New Member

    Hi guys , i already said my hello/welcome bit in the other part off the forum but i'll say hi here to all the other A3 owners :D

    i have just got hold of a A3 (2000) 1,8 turbo quattro as my new car
    I have debadged the rear of the car and got the roof corrosion stuff sorted
    The car has also been chipped (by the previous owner) to what the previous bloke told me is about 180bhp. I fitted a forge dump valve this weekend. The car has a full stainless i think it must be a custom made exhaust which was new on the car when i got it , it also has 18inch alloys
    (pics to follow)

    But currently im in a dilemma regarding the removal of the front lights.

    I need to fit a aftermarket set of light's i have currently bought for the car. Can i ask you guys / girls how the front headlamps on my A3 ( w reg 2000 year) come out ?

    I know you must get this question a lot but im having real issues seeing how to take them out. I have took the tork type bolts out of the slam panel trim and kinda got to the point where im thinking the only way im going to get the lights out is to end up dropping the bumper forward or take it off completely to gain access to the headlamps , is there something im missing here ? or does anyone have a sticky/ guide they can point me to please.

    Thanks Chris

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