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New User! Help! Heated Seat problem!

dsellick Mar 9, 2013

  1. dsellick

    dsellick New Member

    Hi just bought my S3, had it checked over by a mechanic and he says everything on it is great, got full audi service history and so on.
    the only little problem i have with it is the drivers heated seat....
    basically the person i bought it off has changed all the led's and button lights inside to white and blue which looks great! the only problem is, the drivers switch for the heated seats doesnt light up as bright as the passengers side? and my heated seat worked when i drove it home and then hasnt worked since i dont think.... also when i turn the heated seats on the light goes even dimmer ? so its obv registering im turning it on but it doesnt work ? any help would be great! would it be just a dodgy connection behind it or something worse?
    probaly a stupid question and a really easy answer!

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