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New uprated clutch + DMF

A7788 Aug 9, 2012

  1. A7788

    A7788 Member

    Hi all,

    Me again - as I have stated in previous posts my clutch is slipping currently, and I also have a vibration which is only there when the car is hot, as I understand it could either be timing which needs to be adjusted which I am getting checked out this weekend but the other (more expensive) thing is the DMF.

    Question is I have never had to replace clutch or DMF or anything like that on previous cars, if I wanted an uprated clutch that can deal with more power where do I look? What do I look for? Might be stupid questions but as I say never had to do this before lol. Also for the DMF - do these and the clutch come as a kit?

    Any information greatly appreciated :)
  2. pink.teg

    pink.teg Member

    answered your questions?

    M8 call her and ask away
    she will deal with all your Q's
    hope that helps

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