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New ultra sporty tyre from Yokohama: Advan Sport V105

rezulteo Feb 21, 2013

  1. rezulteo

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    Yokohama has experience in the segment sport tyres and they continue this sporty tradition with a new tyre targeting fans of high performance cars; the Advan Sport V105.
    the Advan Sport V105 is targeting the luxury saloon market as well as ultra sporty cars. Official supplier to the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), since 2006, Yokohama has built on this experience to produce its new UHP (ultra high performance) tyre. The Nurburgring circuit, home to Germany’s leading car manufacturers, has been central to this tyre’s development. A convinced Mercedes-Benz has selected the Advan V105 as original equipment for its SL, SLK, CLS and C Class models.

    Advan V105 is:
    - An asymmetric tyre with a the inner tread has been optimised for wet grip and the outer tread for dry handling
    - Three broad grooves and one thinner one effectively drain water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.
    - new tread compound featuring increased quantities of silica
    -“pseudo-radial” carcass, where plies are usually positioned at 90° in relation to the tyre surface, they are now 80°. As such, they obtain “triangulated” sidewalls. See below


    - Better performances concerning wet braking and wet handling, and road noise.

    What do you think? Have you already tried sporty tyres like S.drive, A520, Prada…? To know all the details about this new tyre, click here
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