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New tyre labelling

Jay85 Dec 26, 2012

  1. Jay85

    Jay85 New Member

    Hi all,
    just after other peoples views.
    I have noticed that now you are given an energy rating style sticker when it comes to buying tyres, which indicate fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise rating...
    does anyone use these when considering their next tyre purchase, or are these stickers just a bit pointless?
    anyone got any personal preferences or recommendations for tyres? Ive found a few by using the info from this labels that say certain tyres have a good fuel efficency and wet grip etc etc.
    not after an all out amazing performance tyre as its only to go on my b6 shape a4 tdi. So mainly for commuting to work and back and mainly a-road commuting.
    just trying to see what people can recommend.
    Cheers everyone
  2. Nathan_jones2002

    Nathan_jones2002 Active Member

    To be honest, I just go off past experience and what other people on forums say... I try to go for the best tyre I can afford as at the end of the day that's the only contact between the car and the road so does a very important job... Stay clear of budgets.
  3. Jay85

    Jay85 New Member

    Yeah I deffo tend to stay away from budgets from past experience. Noisy, poor grip.
    This is first time in ages have had to buy tyres due to having company cars so not really up to date with what's decent now etc etc.

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