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new type a4 keys

worpspeed Feb 24, 2007

  1. worpspeed

    worpspeed a41.9tdi/zenons/s line kit/rs4 rims/eibach springs

    hi there everyone

    i'm interested in changing my old type remote keys over to the new type a4 keys .
    has anyone done this and is it possible ?
    and can i just swop the imobliser chips over to say recoding.

    i know this is a odd one but i like to be different.
  2. geron

    geron Norway Massive

    think you have to change the centrallocking pump for one that matches up with the new 3 button keys...
  3. IngenLimits

    IngenLimits Lost in Norway

    To get the key part to function all you would have to is to move the immobilizer part over to they new key and switch blades.
    But, if you want the central locking feauture to function you would have to change the central locking pump as geron said. :)

    Anyway, one alternative could be to get to one of the ebay-key replicas.
    If Im able to get 10 persons willing to buy, I could get them for $45 + shipping (No handling) from Norway.
  4. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    You have a B6 Avant with a older type 3 button flip key, and you want to change it for one of the newer wedge shaped keys?

    The new keys still operate on 433mhz so it may work, i would buy a cheap key from ebay and see if you can sync the remote part to your car first.


    If the remote works it should just be a case of swapping the immob capsule.
  5. worpspeed

    worpspeed a41.9tdi/zenons/s line kit/rs4 rims/eibach springs

    thanks everyone
    this is a great help i already have 3 of the new type keys so all i with have to do is see if i can code them into the central locking ,this looks promising due to them being the same frequencies.
    so cheers everyone
  6. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    Keep us posted mate, I'd be interested too.
  7. a4sline

    a4sline Member

    Hi, The new keys are the latest from audi which they first started using on A8 (D3) and new A6. The only thing the same is the actual key blank as yes the keys work on the same frquency but the new keys are Bi Directional. This means that when the key is pressed, it looks for the car. If it finds it, it unlocks , if it doesn'tthen the red light on the fob flashes at a different speed to tell the user that the car is out of range and has not responded. Probably,the new system is not interchangeable and would probably be more than a conveniance module change as most of the other ecus would be matched to early or later cars.
    Hope this helps

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