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New turbo still "ghosting"

Blackie Jul 16, 2010

  1. Blackie

    Blackie Active Member

    Hi Chaps

    Had the A3 into Awesome yesterday to have the turbo fitted after the other one had the "owl/James Galway" syndrome.
    I supplied a brand new Garrett unit on the manifold, oil pickup/return pipe, gaskets,copper nuts etc etc.
    The lads did a grand job as usual & also gave the car a service & changed the brake fluid

    Now i,ve noticed the turbo is still making a very slight whistling noise. Not half as bad as the original but its still there even if its very faint

    I hope i,ve not lashed out a shitload of cash for nowt. Everyone i spoke to said it was the turbo, but ive checked the old one & there is minimal play in it & it seems to spin ok.
    I,m going to send it to CR as it will be interesting to see if there is actually owt wrong with it.

    Any other suggestions of what to look for ?. I,m sure Awesome would have noticed anything untoward with the pipes if they were messing with it

    Thanks all

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