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New turbo - help!

maikysupra Jan 10, 2014

  1. maikysupra

    maikysupra Active Member

    Hi guys,

    my A3 Sportback 2.0TDI 2005 (125k) is in need of a new turbo. We've had a police siren since the day we bought it in 2008 but in the last 6months it's been getting worse and the car feels like it's got almost no power at all. I've read that it's not recommended to have these turbos reconditioned, which means that the best option is to buy a new one? Can someone give me an advise on where to buy a new turbo / what price I should expect to pay..? I've seen some new turbos (not reconditioned) on eBay for around £600 + but i was hoping to get yours opinion on what are my options! Are ther eany reliable sponsors that sell these? (presumably I'll want to replace the oil feed pipe too).

    Also I wanted to replace the engine & gearbox mounts at the same time as the car is starting to feel really knacked now.. Are there any recommendations on this?

  2. Paulc33

    Paulc33 Member

    I bought a new turbo for my 2007 2.0tdi last week through local motor factors and it was a new garret one from BTN turbos.

    Came in at £688 inc vat and fitting kit.
    Well worth the money. Lovely turbo and gives great power.
  3. Bedders

    Bedders Member

    Hi mate. Which engine / power output was that turbo for? Seems like a great price Im looking at options for replacing mine at the end of the month. (Mines the bmn 170 engine)
  4. Paulc33

    Paulc33 Member

    Mines a 140 bkd engine.

    It was a very good price hence I bought it. Glad I did

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