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New Tuning of ECU

wmd10 May 15, 2005

  1. wmd10

    wmd10 Member

    Hi all,

    just heard of this new tuning company. the main agents in the uk are JBS
    the tuning system is called Custom Code and their website is here

    i found out about it thru the skoda website i use. apparently VW's and Skoda's are using it and getting good results.

    just wondering if anyone had heard about and used it on their Audi yet?


  2. hop2407

    hop2407 Active Member

    Yep - JBS are based in my home town (Chesterfield) - I've heard alot of good reports about them. I did, however, take my A4 there for a REVO remap and they didn't have the software for it - my ECU was too old, so they couldn't do it through the serial port. Had to go for a physical chip change / remap at Jabba.....

    Looks like this new technology caters for the older models now.......

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