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New TT225 owner

camscockle20vT Sep 19, 2012

  1. camscockle20vT

    camscockle20vT The stigs ugly brother

    Hi all, thought id start a thread about the latest vag in our family and collate it into a build thread when the stone starts to gather some moss.

    So iv bought a 99plate audi TT225, its coverd 105k got full audi service history, its had the haldex oil and filter done approx 6 months ago.

    Both door micro swithes work, the dash pod works fine with no missing pixels and the fuel gauge operates correctly :)

    Now the fun list, the car comes with as follows:
    -Koni height and damping adjustable coilovers
    -Audi a6 17x8 alloys with 25mm and 30mm adapters, with four good falken ze912 tyres
    -custom cat back exhaust, not too loud but a lovely note when accelerating
    -forge 007p diverter valve
    -jetex induction kit (2 weeks old)
    -stage 1 remap
    -n249 valve delete (but still in place so can be reconnected)
    -qs/3.2 rear valance
    -ebc front brakes (oem ebc discs, ebc pads)

    All usual tt extras including:
    -Bose stereo system with multichanger
    -Full heated black leather interior in good condition
    -climate control (does need regassing)
    -Xenon headlights with washers.

    The car has also been remapped to around 255bhp as far as i can make out on the g/s flow, and seems to explode with boost at around 2800-3000 revs, so a trip to r-tech to get a few more ponys and smoother delivery will be needed once funds an fmic and a B5 v2 tip become available.

    So heres a few pics, comments welcome.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] more pics to follow at the weekend.
  2. Roots

    Roots Member

    i secretly like these, although its not a secret now lol

    nice purchase there man, i'll be following to see what ownership is like :)
    camscockle20vT likes this.
  3. Chlippo

    Chlippo Member

    Congrats! Looks tidy.

    Are those stock exhaust tips? dont think so...
    camscockle20vT likes this.
  4. camscockle20vT

    camscockle20vT The stigs ugly brother

    Thanks dude, its been pritty good so far (touching wood) love the the handling of the quattro.
    Nah its got 3" cat back exhaust, i thought it may be abit much but it sounds sweet on boost :D
  5. TTSpin

    TTSpin New Member

    Nice one! The exhausts look outstanding!

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