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New TT owner, Audi question!

Speggyuk Jun 11, 2011

  1. Speggyuk

    Speggyuk New Member


    Only got my first 2001TT roadster this week, which is fantastic so far.

    Got a couple of questions re: the audio. i've looked across the forums for answers but not managed to accomplish anything so i thought a new topic would be ok.

    The car came with a Chorus Head unit. Pictured below.
    The car appears to have the Bose speaker setup due to these on the doors.[​IMG]
    And behind a flap behind the passenger seat is a 6 disc changer.[​IMG]

    The head unit works fine and the sound is very good quality , however i can find no way to access the CD changer. There is no Source type button to change audio input so i'm starting to think perhaps the head unit isn't the one that came with the car and therefore can't control the cd changer.

    The changer has power as i have ejected the cassette and added 6 cd's and it sounds like it is loading them up after re-inserting the cassette.

    Is there some trick to get it to work or will i have to replace the head unit? Any standard audi head units i can pop in which will be compatible with the bose and the cd changer so i don't have to introduce any extra wiring adapters etc..?

    Any help would be gratefully received.


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