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new to the forum, 1.8t buying and modding advice

sam k Feb 27, 2010

  1. sam k

    sam k New Member

    Hi im new to the forum, im buying a audi a3 1.8t (150bhp fwd) and have been reading the forum for a while getting info and learning about them.
    Im looking for a facelift model with under 100k on it this is the sort of thing im after

    is there anything i really need to be looking out for with a car of this mileage, and it seems well priced to me but obviously you guys know alot more then i do about them, is that reasonable??

    Ive looked on the jamex coilover thread and for that money they seem great, would you recommend them and if not which ones would you recommend? would you spend a bit more on some better quality ones?

    also been looking at wheels like the look of some 18" lambo reps although rimstlye seem to have stopped doing them now, bit dodgey about replica wheels as ive heard they can be shoddy quality sometimes, do you know anysuppliers of them?
    also liking merc segins (not camo though lol)

    Any advise on the cars coillies and wheels would be really nice also superchips but that might be something for a couple of months time just wondered on best ones from your experience.

    This is my last car got well fed up of not being able to take it anywhere and it being old and breaking so sold it for a new a3 1.8t project

    Thanks for any help


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