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New to s3 ownership more power!

S3-Andy Apr 5, 2008

  1. S3-Andy

    S3-Andy Member

    hi guys i am new to s3 ownership,owning a pretty sorted subaru wrx and a new yamaha r6 thought i would opt for something a bit sensible with a bit of go in it. I ended up with a 2001 s3 with 40k on the clock,its had a revo re-map and got a supersprint system,i am not disapointed as its a quality motor but miss the aggresion of the td05 on the scoob,am i lookin at mega money for a little more power? or is there any other small mods i can do i not looking at going down the route of a bigger turbo,injectors etc cant really justify the money,just cant help crave more aggresion and power.
    prehaps i am forgetting why i bought this car :laugh:
    anyway i be glad to hear any input or ideas,also going to be looking a some styling nothing major just a lower front lip,maybe some carbon engine covers etc so id be grateful if any body can point me in the right direction
    thanks in advance guys
  2. rhubarb4

    rhubarb4 Certified Audi nutter Gold Supporter Team Silver Audi S3 quattro

    Hi and welcome to the S3 I to am new only couple of weeks now. A company on here called backdraft do a Hybrid turbo conversion for around £700 exchange which is not bad considering a fully blown turbo brake conversion is about £5000 to £6000, and will give quite a bit more power I think.
  3. danclarke

    danclarke 2001 Denim Blue S3 Rep

    Better downpipe
    Better manifold
    Re - map again and shouldnt see why you wont reach 280-290 bhp!

    hope you got a good brake and suspension upgrade tho!
  4. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    That's just for the Turbo mate, you need to add labour to fit it, then remapping charges which would give you around the 300bhp mark I believe and then you need to uprate the chassis and brakes to cope with the power!

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