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New to my S3 and need a new turbo, Should i go bigger??

jcramphorn Feb 4, 2013

  1. jcramphorn

    jcramphorn New Member


    Bought my first S3..a 2002, 210bhp car, back in October,

    Just finished having it cosmetically restored to look as new and now have it back on the road!..... But have noticed that for about 5 min's between cold-ish and normal running temp' the car smokes badly! Also the turbo wines / squeals if pushed hard.

    I take it the turbo is on its way out?

    All though i like the car to be as original as possible, i'm thinking if i'm going to replace the turbo, I should put a slightly more uprated turbo on it.

    Anybody got any ideas for a more powerful yet inexpensive replacement??

    Any ideas are good as i am new to these S3's

    Many Thanks
  2. .Ben.

    .Ben. Member

    Depends on your long-term plans?

    A bigger turbo has a cascading set of requirements to get the most benefit from it (TIP, FMIC, 3" down-pipe, manifold, remap, decat, eventually rods, etc.). Collectively, not "inexpensive".

    If cost is an issue, refurb the standard K04, it's pretty capable...


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