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New to forum

Discussion in 'Audi S4/A4/A4 Cab (B8 Chassis)' started by Himzy, May 4, 2012.

  1. Himzy

    Himzy New Member

    May 1, 2012
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    hi there I'm new to Audi scene, just got my first Audi, A A4 b8 2.0TDI SE

    found that it has a lot of extras fitted already by previous owner and i have compiled a list of upgrades i want to put in

    Xenon headlights with DRL
    LED rear lights
    19 alloys not sure which ones yet

    i have already changed all the interior and licence plate lights to white error free leds and fog lights to 6000k hid lights as I sell both of these

    any others people could help me with would be great thanksssss
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  3. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    Jan 2, 2003
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    Hi & welcome.

    I you want 19's, LED rear and Xenon/LED fronts then it may have been worth considering a different car to purchase.

    Decent 19 tyres without the wheels are £1k+
    Xenon/LED fronts and LED rears are similarly expensive

    All nice choices (but I would say that) but none are cheap retro fits.

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