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New to Audi's

Dec Oct 15, 2009

  1. Dec

    Dec Active Member

    Hey, so I've just brought my first Audi :)

    Bit about me, I've been into Golf's for the last couple of years, started out with a 1.6 mk2 golf when I was pretty skint at college. Was lowered a bit and that was all really.


    Then I got a bit crazy a had some money for insurance so brought a Golf GTI after driving for a year. Still got it but its up for sale due to lack of space :(


    Then last week, I decided I needed something a bit more economical, so have just brought a 2004 2.0 tdi se A3 :)

    Very happy with it so far, even if it is standard. Very please with the mpg im achieving! Just struggling to upgrade my head unit at the moment :(

    Not planning on doing anything with it, except some better Audi wheels and removing the wood trim from the interior!

    Couple of pics...


  2. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Dec and welcome. Seeing your mk2 golf just mad me feel sad, i also have had a few and stilll have a gti parked up in work (3 yrs) i have been meaning to finnish it or should i say start work on it. Any how welcome and enjoy.

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