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New to audis got some idle problems

darkred Aug 8, 2012

  1. darkred

    darkred New Member

    Hey guys, well... were to start.

    Had the car a copple of weeks (2000 1.8t AGU) and already feel i know the car, just know deep down shes got more to give so went and had the car scaned hears whats come up,

    001262, wastage bypass regulator valve
    016514,o2 sensor circuit (bank1, sensor 1)
    000561, mixture adjustment control
    016500, engine coolant temperature circuit range/performance

    i have had a look on ross tech, so really what im looking for is a plan of action, do i go about and replace the parts?

    I have also been looking thou some other falt code toppics, seen that the wiring problems can be bad on the cars? and earth problems? So can anyone help or give advice on really checking the wiring making sure its good?


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