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New to Audi, need advice

Fishy_bob Nov 13, 2009

  1. Fishy_bob

    Fishy_bob New Member

    Hi all, picked up my first A3 a couple of weeks ago, i love it but need some advice.
    First, it's a 5 doors, V reg, 99, 1.8 T Sport Quattro, 180BHP, 49k miles. Bought for £2300, was that a good deal or what ?

    Just had it service from Audi Coulsdon and they've "recommended" quite a lot of work, so here comes the bad bits:
    • Cambelt was changed at some point (i don't know when) but not by Audi . there appears to be some small oil leak nearby so they say i should have it changed + water pump + other belt for £550.
    • mid exhaust bracket broken £70
    • screenwash bottle leaking so should be changed (incl. headlight pump) £170. although it seems that they tightened it, filled it up and it stopped leaking !
    • front driver side arm & tie rod end has too much play, should be changed at £492 !!! although car steers ok and i can't feel any play/wobble or pulling to one side. is that safe?
    • extra key + transponder programmed and cut £170
    Do these prices seem excessive to you? do i need everything done? if yes is there a cheaper way ?
    the thing that concerns me most is the oil by the cambelt, what could be the cause and how much extra are they likely to charge me? (they started talking about gasket or smthg). heard people talking about metal water pump, what's that ?

    Any help, tips, suggestions would be welcome.
    Thanks all.
  2. tompearson

    tompearson It's all in bits

    Not an expert, but I don't see why a small oil leak would mean needing to get the water pump and aux belt changed. Also I think the mid exhaust bracket should be under a tenner so £60+ to fit seems steep.

    I'm sure someone with more knowledge will post, but in my experience only use an Audi dealer if someone else is paying and it isn't your car.
  3. sportquattro

    sportquattro Active Member

    Hi there, welcome to Audi ownership

    Audi offer fixed price cambelt change as per the audi.co.uk website at a price of £329 I had a full service, cambelt, waterpump, thermostat and brake fluid change all for £638.57 by Plymouth Audi in September so £550 sounds a little OTT to me.

  4. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    Have you had the work done or are you thinking of getting it done, if so defo go to a local independant, if you state where you are located, im sure someone will give you a name of a reputable specialist who will probably do the job for you at a quarter of the price...seriously!!!
  5. Fishy_bob

    Fishy_bob New Member

    Hi there, i'm in Purley, near Croydon ,south London. Any recommended Audi specialist or reputable agrage would be welcome. Cheers

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