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New to audi and new to audi problems (HELP!)

teknik Oct 28, 2011

  1. teknik

    teknik New Member

    Hello you lot hows it going im new to all this so bare with me
    picked up a r reg audi a3 1.6 sport non ac and am having a few problems .. one the air bag light is on not a big problem will get that reset by my self when my vag com cable turns up
    two other problems
    1) the the windscreen demister isnt working its like the dile that selects the different vents isnt selecting .. and its like driving in fog . any body had this problem or know how to fix ?
    2) when you unlock the car the alarm diesnt disengage to as soon as you open the door the alarm goes off .. but if you unlock it from the boot its all dandy and grand .. wanted to get a head up on here first befor i started poking about ....

    love the car got it for my misses as shes not happy with my choice of cars and after driving it my self i can see why she wanted one for so long ....smooth easy to drive and all the gizmos and gadits

    iv tryed serching for the problems but cant find the answer

    thanks again and sorry for the long post

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