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New to Audi and considering an S3!!!

Trigger Jan 31, 2007

  1. Trigger

    Trigger New Member

    I currently own a BMW 323 SE Saloon, and am looking to change the car very soon. Looking at something a bit smaller, but something a lot faster and better handling, these frosty mornings don't really agree with the back end of the BMW with my heavy right foot!!!! Without going into much detail, the cars I'm considering are an S3, TT, Cupra R, Golf GTI. I recon i'll be looking at around £11k-£13k to spend depending on what I can get for the BMW.

    I've sort of got used to having the german build quality of the BMW so guess that'll rule out the Seat, the golf GTI's and TT's are a bit common and want something that little bit different, and I really like the look of the S3's understated looks!

    A main concern for me will be the area I live in, having recently split with the wife (another reason for a new car to cheer me up) I'm facing the possibility of moving to a new area of town which could possibly result in the car being parked in the street or at the best in a driveway, so the Audi security will be a big question for me, is it any good?

    So if I'm to start my quest for an S3 shortly, what sort of advice will I need, what should I look out for? What's the MPG and running costs like? What's the best options to look out for? Is Yellow an acceptable colour S3 to drive around in?

    ...and finally, if I was to consider a CAT D car, what would your initial thoughts be, seen a 2002 model going for £7000 in Red in autotrader, are cars like this worth a gamble?

    Looking forward to your advice!
  2. rodenal

    rodenal Active Member

    I'd be very very careful about buying a Cat D car mate, if you're gonna do it try and get one thats been a rear ender, and i'd have some1 who regularly repairs write offs go with you to double check its been done right.

    They can be a bargain but you could also be buying a death trap, especially with a performance car.

    Yellow S3's look great imo, but if you're worried about it being stolen perhaps another colour is better, its a fairly discreet performance car tho, and come with alarm and immobiliser as standard. How good they are i dont know as nobody has nicked my car yet lol.
  3. daz2347

    daz2347 Member

    Newbe to this forum BUT.

    most cat D are good cars just look at the perdon selling it that will tell you a lot, also check for recipts to see ho did the work.

    As the the cars Audi S3 without a dout i had a golf and loved it until last year when i got my S3, its in a different league to the golf.

    try to get a face lift model as they look better so all 225bhp models bose sound is worth getting cruise control is ok as the rest of extra's not to sure

  4. joe6886

    joe6886 Member

    With 11-13k to spend you should get a decent one. As said if your worried about security then yellow may not be the best colour. I have a yellow one and love it, its a fantastic car to be in.
  5. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron

    with 11-13 grand you should get a nice S3... for a 2002 S3 to be cat D your talking serious damage imo...
  6. ChriS3

    ChriS3 hud at ye bam

    If you can get yourself a 210bhp facelift you'll get slightly cheaper insurance. Very little actual power difference between the two and they'll remap to the same level.
  7. jarvis**turbo**

    jarvis**turbo** Member

    iv just bort a black s3 mate, face lift model, 210bhp.got all the extra's except satnav.the car is mint.only very small stone chip dent on bonnet which im guna get fixed.had 70000miles,fash. drove perfect.cost me 8900.ul get a really good one for the money you want to spend.

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