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new tax codes

yendall24 Feb 6, 2011

  1. yendall24

    yendall24 Member

    hi all . just a quick one the inland revenue are currently sending out new tax codes for 2011/2012 check yours very carefully as their new computer system is making some monumental cock ups i have received a tax code BR which means you will get no personal allowance whatsoever i only have one job but this code is an emergency code or second job code .if you get this code and only have one form of income then contact the inland revenue and put things right or it will cost you big time
  2. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    mines ok,thanks for the info though had me worried.
  3. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    thanks for the heads up, mines is due soon so ill be sure to check it over
  4. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Had all manner of fun this week with this.

    My lease company had put my CO2 emissions down as 139, rather than the correct figure of 123. I told them and they said that's what CAP said it was and they were sticking to it. I think they'd misclassified my car as the pre-start/stop model.

    Ended up calling the Audi dealer who did an HPI check on it - 123. Then called the DVLA who also confirmed 123.

    Left a message with the lease company about this but they've still not called back. I ended up calling HMRC directly and they just accepted my figure and said they'd send out a new coding! :)

    Basically, if you have a company car, triple-check they have the right CO2 figure as it can make a huge difference. The 139/123 error would have cost me about £30 a month.

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