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New suspension idea for tired A4

sinbadfury Nov 21, 2007

  1. sinbadfury

    sinbadfury Member

    1.9TDI sport 2002 B6

    My suspension is knackered I think at 105k, there is a vibration from left front and it is very wallowy etc. I want o upgrade the suspension to get rid of these symptoms and was wondering if I get the "A4 35mm H&R Kit" from DPM would that replace the parts that are more than likely causing the grief.

    I also don't want to lower the car a huge amount as I will be putting a new set of 17"/18" audi alloys (to be decided) on her to spruce her up also.

    Cheers guys
  2. Neil_S

    Neil_S Member

    I would look at replacing the suspension bushes, that should tighten things up, you may then want to look at an aftermarket kit. Indeed you could do all these jobs as one.
  3. scottyjohn

    scottyjohn Member

    I just put the H&R 35mm lower springs on my TDI avant, and its made a huge difference. I also replaced all 4 Bilstein shocks for £120!! Remember that the sport is already lower than the SE by 20mm so the H&R springs will only lower it by 15mm? Or maybe they do ones specifically for the sport, but if you lowered that by 35 mm it would be rubbing off the dirt!

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