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New Style RS4 Centre Caps

mitalm Apr 1, 2009

  1. mitalm

    mitalm Audi A3

    I bought a set of new style 18" RS4 Replicas last year and they came with crappy centre caps that are just Audi stickers on a rubbish plastic cap. Been meaning to find decent ones for ages but never got round to it.
    So got a £10 off voucher from eBay so thought I might as well.
    I've been looking all over ebay and don't know which size I should be going for?
    I've measured the diameter of the outside of my caps and its 68mm, but on many auction listings they give a different outside and inside diameter.
    I don't want to take my wheels off to just look at the centre caps because I'm planning to buy all the centre caps and take the wheels off then because I need to check a few other things and i'm going to do it all in one go.
    Also if anyone's got the correct ones for sale I'd be very grateful? :)
    So yeah any help would be awesome.
    Cheers in advance.

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