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new stlye audi rs4 wheels

ty160 Jul 18, 2010

  1. ty160

    ty160 s3 tys

    does anyone no were i can get a good set of replicas in this style twin 7 spokes?? as the ones on ebay are naff any one ordered any from anywere?? also what is the offset and pcd for an audi tt 225 coupe cheers any info or pics please
  2. TT Spares

    TT Spares .com

    Offset on standard 18" wheels is et33 and pcd 5x100 - you will generally find reps come in et35 which is fine but don't go too far above 35 as you may get caliper clearing issues - (I did on et38 and required spacers)

    Try wheelpoweronline they do good deals generally. If you need any further help feel free to email me on sales@TTspares.com


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