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New Sportback Sport 1.4TFSI COD S-Tronic ordered

glospete May 25, 2014

  1. glospete

    glospete Well-Known Member Team Glacier Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Audi A3 S-line owners group Audi TT

    Hi guys and girls

    I have lurked on this site for some time as a) I’m a TT owner and b) was considering purchasing an A3 Sportback as a second car. Well, after a lengthy test drive on Friday I finally decided to go ahead and did the deal within an hour at my favourite Audi dealer – Audi Exeter – from where I got the TT. I did try out the A3 saloon and was sorely tempted but the practicality of the Sportback won through!

    I intend to keep this car for some considerable time (I’m retired) so wanted to have a really good spec so this is what I’ve ordered:

    • A3 Sportback Sport 1.4TFSI (now with 150PS for MY15 yippee!)
    • 7 speed S-tronic gearbox
    • Glacier white metallic (I didn’t like the creamy white Amalfi white colour)
    • Titanium Milano leather
    • Adaptive cruise control
    • Audi Parking System Plus with Park Assist (the latter just for fun!)
    • Audi sound system
    • Audi 5 year warranty
    • Black styling package
    • Comfort package
    • Door mirrors – electrically adjustable, folding and heated
    • Electric lumbar support
    • Extended mon.pur interior finish (extended leather)
    • Heated front seats
    • Hold assist
    • Non-smoking package
    • Privacy glass
    • Storage & luggage compartment package
    • Technology package satellite navigation
    • Xenon light package
    • 5-arm Kinetic design alloys
    black styling no rails.jpg

    I thought I would be satisfied with the standard SD sat nav but on the test drive I thought the resolution of the screen was quite poor (400 x 240 which gave indistinct lines and symbols) and nowhere as good as the TT (which is 800 x 480 I think) so to get this I needed to go to the Tech Pack.

    I would have gone for the S-Line model but I have an aversion to black interiors – it’s odd that the more expensive S-Line model has less choice of interior colour than the Sport. Had the same with the TT so went for the Sport model there to get light grey interior. The Extended mono.pur option (strange name?) makes such a difference to the interior for what is relatively little money. Again, did the same in the TT (where they call it Extended Leather) and it makes the inside even more special.

    I’ve been quoted approximately 12 weeks delivery so should (hopefully) be in it during September. As I have a private plate I’ve told the dealer that earlier delivery than 1 September is fine.

    I almost went for the black roof rails but as we rarely use our roof box I thought I’d buy a set of Thule roof fixings and bars if necessary. Anybody any comments re the clip-on roof fixings/bars (either Thule or Audi’s own)?

    Anyway I look forward to reading your experiences with the 8V and contributing when I get my new car.
  2. bobeagle

    bobeagle New Member

    May i ask is hill hold assist still necessary with S Tronic? What good does it give?
  3. glospete

    glospete Well-Known Member Team Glacier Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Audi A3 S-line owners group Audi TT

    I didn't plan to get it but the demo car had it - works perfectly as all you do is brake to a stop and the electric brake operates. When you press the accelerator the brake releases and away you go - you never have to think about brakes in future!
  4. Flibble

    Flibble Active Member Team Estoril

    Hold assist (note it's not hill hold assist as it works on the flat) automatically applies the brake so the car doesn't creep when you come to a stop. It's useful I find, you get used to having it very quickly.
    It also puts the EPB on when you put the car in park.

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