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New Sportback 2.0T Quattro owner

Ben H Jul 16, 2009

  1. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    After quite some time searching for the "right" car, I've finally settled on a 5-door replacement for my Clio 197.

    I've plumped for a late 2006 2.0T Quattro S-Line Sportback in Garnet Red. It's only got 9,500 miles on the clock! :icon_thumright: The spec includes dark Vienna leather, Bose, xenons, armrest, roof bars and a few other bits I've forgotten about. I'm collecting it this Saturday and I can't wait.

    I've been a little sceptical about the A3 range in the past, but having now properly driven a high spec one, I'm very impressed. The Audi dealer sent me off on a long, unaccompanied test drive and my main impressions were: smooth, luxurious, nimble and grippy. I was also pleased to find that the ride and handling were a cut above what I was expecting. It's not the fastest car I've ever had, nor the most driver focused - what I need is a 5-door smoothie to keep baby and wife happy, but also to keep me engaged! I'm confident I've found it.

    The icing on the cake was an excellent trade-in value on my current car, meaning that I can afford the cost-to-change from savings alone.

    The bodywork looks pretty much unblemished, but it could do with some detailing attention to get it to my standards - I'm considering using a professional for the first time. I'll get some photos in due course.

    Finally, I'm also considering an ECU re-map - any recommendations?
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  2. tdisportuk

    tdisportuk Member

    well done mate. yes remaps are possible for fuel savings or extra performance!
  3. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Welcome Ben,

    good choice in car for your needs. Golf GTI performance with a bit more comfort and 4WD grip.

    In terms of remaps there are lots of choices for the 2.0TFSI. Do a search for Bluefin, Revo, GIAC and AMD. They're the most popular on here.

    If you only plan to go to stage 1 then they all provide about the same power gains but the way you put them on your car differs.

    For example Bluefin can be taken off and put on the car by the user as and when required.
  4. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    Well, I've just got the car - and I'm mighty impressed. There was a delay due to the transfer of my private plate.

    The dealer was first rate and has serviced, MoT'd and properly prepared the car.

    It's the first car that I've not wanted to drive to explore its limits - every aspect about it is smooth and beautifully weighted for the man who wants refined pace without driving like a lunatic. It's so easy to burble along and it's very different in character to my old Clio 197!

    I also found that the car not only has xenons, but also auto lights and wipers. The seats are very comfortable and the whole cabin ambience is very relaxing.

    The paint is in very good nick too. There are some tar spots and the odd stone chip, but no dings to the bodywork and the wheels look refurbished. I'll get some pics up once I've had the chance to do some body prep and waxing.

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