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New speakers, sub and HU in A3 8L

JoeAudiA3 Sep 12, 2007

  1. JoeAudiA3

    JoeAudiA3 New Member

    Evening all

    I've recently got a 98' A3 1.8T, and already want replace the standad Conert system with a new HU, front and rear speakers and sub.

    I was thinking of an Alpine HU, with rainbow components in the front, full range speakers for the rear (not sure what ones though?) and possibly the AndyMac Stealth Sub to replace the plastic standard one.

    I've never changed the stereo in a car before so i really need advice, would a reasonable alpine have enough power to drive the speakers properly ? or would i require an amp ?

    Also does anyone know of a decent ICE installer in the somerset area as from looking at some of the other threads i think this will probably be beyond my d i y skills.

    Any advice much appreciated
  2. S3Steve

    S3Steve Active Member

    You wont be dissapointed with the Stealth Sub, its a great bit of kit.

    Be careful when selecting the components for the front doors as mounting depth is very tight, especially once you have fitted the mounting adaptors.

    I fitted some Focal Access 165's in the rear and have found them excellent.
  3. Emmo

    Emmo Member

    You can fit 5.25" speakers in the front doors, but they have to be quite slim as there is not much room in there, you will need some adaptor plates to fit them.

    Back speakers are a 6.5" size plenty of room in there.

    I replaced all my speakers with Alpine ones and replaced my hea unit with an alpine one, you will need a fascia adaptor to fit this.

    I amped up my speakers as they play much louder and clearer than just running off the amp.

    I also fitted a 12" sub in a sealed box in the boot.

    The 2 amps i have fitted them hidden away in the left hand cubby hole in the boot.

    I removed the audi sub n amp from the cubby hole so I could fit my amps in there. This way it doesnt use up my boot space, the sub box I have is pretty small to, so my boot is usable too.

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