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New Side Repeaters / Lights... ideas?

Brooksy Feb 14, 2010

  1. Brooksy

    Brooksy Member

    Hi, I'm a newish owner of the A3 series since November.

    I recently bought some new side repeaters thinking they will be the nuts but obviously didn't look closesly and they stick out like a blowfish from the car's nice lines... This was through ebay only place ic ould search on or find that done clear casing for my 8L as my car is black it only seemed right. I'm half happy with them but they totally don't look right from head on or from behind. but any other angle their fine. I'm fussy when coming to detail. I'll get pics up if people are interested.

    Anyways is there any sites or links (with pics) you guys could help me with finding some flushed clear side repeaters for my A3 00 plate 8L.

    Also I want to buy chrome bulbs for my front indicators searching this forum people say it's a huge B*** ache to do so? hows the best way to attack this?

    And one final question/advice/help needed, recently buying some led sidelights recommended from a thread on audi-sport my headlights now look yellow compared to the bright white look of the sidelights. What's the best headlights (I'm guessing they are H1's for dipped beam) that produce white light/ slight blue tint perhaps that is good value for money as I've just spent £45 on indicators and sidelights.

    Thanks in advance...
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2010
  2. Zenin

    Zenin Member

    shouldn't side repeaters be buldging out a bit, the whole point is so cars at awkward angles can see you indicating, dont think you can get flush look ones, would be nice thou...
  3. Brooksy

    Brooksy Member

    Yeah you are right there. I mean the Audi standard ones are near as flushed but stick out no more than 0.5 - 1cm.
    These ones I've bought are nice looking but stand out roughly 3cm.

    I was just hoping that someone on here has found a website or somewhere that has aftermarket ones other than standard ebay.

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