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New Sat Nav Plus - available first on new A3s

jamesa Aug 29, 2003

  1. jamesa

    jamesa Member

    Looks pretty cool

    -- james
  2. jamesa

    jamesa Member

    The new Audi radio navigation system plus will be added to the A3’s optional extras programme early in 2004. Its DVD drive not only permits almost complete navigation on Western European roads, but also plays audio and MP3 CDs. The controls use the same clear logic as the Audi MMI already familiar from the A8. The integral double FM tuner ensures optimal radio reception, a convenient choice of stations and provision for dynamic navigation, using the TMC Traffic Message Channel even while listening to a different programme.

    The speech-output route recommendations have been greatly extended and are now even more detailed. Together with the clear pictograms for visual route information on the central driver information system display, they form the highly praised basis for the Audi satellite navigation system, which was first introduced in 1996.

    The entire operating concept is new, and uses the same consistent logical principles as the Audi MMI in the new Audi A8, to guarantee rapid, easy access.

    The system’s many new functions and possible settings can be selected intuitively in a most user-friendly way. This reduces the risk of being distracted during the journey, avoids adding to the driver’s workload and enables him or her to concentrate as much as possible of the primary task of driving the car safely. A further advantage is that the driver does not have to study a lengthy set of operating instructions before being able to reach all the systems’s varied functions.

    The control panel, with the typical MMI square layout, is located to the right of the display screen. With its four control buttons and central control knob, it matches the display that is actually seen on the screen. Farther down, but equally easy to reach, is the large ‘Return’ button that returns the user to the previous menu level. Function keys below the screen provide direct access to the principal functions.

    The 6.5-inch colour screen displays the road map and the visual route description; the Driver Information System converts this information into pictograms and combines it with further distance and time-of-arrival information.

    The high-quality image on the large screen resembles a conventional road map: it not only shows the name of the road or street on which the car is currently being driven, but also the names of adjacent roads, towns and villages. If preferred, the new system can show the map in perspective, as a ‘bird’s eye view’.
  3. Kevint

    Kevint Active Member

    At last - a standard sat nav that comes with DVD and not CD.

    Its much better having all of Europe on one DVD than having to purchase different CDs for each country, and change then as you cross borders. Shame I didn't order it on mine, I was going to go for an aftermarket system with DVD. Bugger.

  4. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    This will be available from week 02 '04.
  5. lewy

    lewy Member

    Whats wrong with the good old 1992 ordanance survey map, with non-existing roads on it?

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