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New S3 Owner. Ignition Coil Question

Stesh Sep 27, 2012

  1. Stesh

    Stesh New Member

    Bought my very first S3 a couple of weeks ago (my very first Audi for that matter). Awesome piece of Kit. And ive been reading up on the whole Ignition Coil Saga that went on a little while back on the 1.8ts Because I know the guy i bought it off, he was good enough to get the coils done to be on the safe side before i picked up the car as he wasnt sure himself.

    so my question is, is that lots of the forums ive seen mention about these being a right nitemare, being poor quality, being replaced, then going again. some people have said that they have gotten through 3 sets of coils in a year. Now most of these forums are dated from 2007-2008 time. so have Audi managed to sort out the quality of these things?. or in otherwords, now were are in 2012 and seen as mine have just been done 2 weeks ago, can i expect these to now not fail? or can i assume Audi still havnt ironed out all kinks in this and that they may possibly go.


    PS. its a 2001 S3
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2012

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