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New S3 owner from Scotland

absolutes3 Jan 15, 2011

  1. absolutes3

    absolutes3 Member

    Hi everyone, Been a lurker for a while and bought a S3 today so thought i better sign up. Used to be a regular on ukmkivs when i had my golf anni.

    After searching for a few months looking for a nogaro blue S3 and seen many with rust or bad condition i gave in today and bought a 02 absolute red for a steal, Not a great colour but hopefully it will grow on me. Im a keen detailer so hopefully a full detail will make it look a bit shinyer and make it look decent. Anyone want to post some pictures of absolute S3's please so i can see how good it could look???:redrs4:

    Not got many extra's etc but i will do a few wee things here and there. Looking to do the chrome surround on the grill black, Looking out for chrome mirrors just now. Got a bmc induction, Spacers,coilovers(not sure if i will put them on) and a recurculating valve to go on soon. Then remap. First things will be to change the wheels,Currently rs6 wheels which i dont suit the colour so looking out for some rs4 or standard avus wheels, Not too sure yet.

    Anyone have these chrome mirror clip on thingys? Are they wroth it being much cheaper or should i just buy genuine mirrors?

    Anyway thats my story, Nice to meet everyone. Im sure i will be nipping all your heads for advice soon. Sorry dont have any pictures just now. Im off to check the classifieds :sly:

  2. CHRIS555

    CHRIS555 DOPE with added OCD

  3. Sarah's A3

    Sarah's A3 MODERATOR V6 S3 Hybrid Staff Member Moderator

    Hiya Chris and welcome. I love red cars, look superb when detailed, especially with black trims.
  4. Bugsy_27

    Bugsy_27 Vorsprung Durch Technik

    welcome to the site mate, get some pics up

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