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New S3 Owner couple of issues!

Wallm0nkey Jun 13, 2013

  1. Wallm0nkey

    Wallm0nkey Member

    As soon as I get chance to go on the laptop I'll get some pictures up but after a little advice for some issues I have if anyone can offer some advice!
    It's a 2001 amk facelift S3.
    Drivers seat: If you sit behind it the cable up the left hand side is snapped at the point it goes into a triangular piece of metal? Not a massive issue as the chairs normal functions still work just letting people into the back with the handle doesn't. Is it a serviceable part? I've tried a bit of searching but can't quite find what the part I need is called.

    Passenger headlamp: I haven't actually drove in the dark yet but looking at them this one if obviously pointing down. Drivers side has a gap beneath it and the bottom inside the lamp where as this one appears to be sitting on the case. I tried adjustment screws but it didn't move as I'd guessed as it was mentioned in the last MOT unable to adjust. From researching it appears it could be a few things and looks like the bumper will be coming off as soon as I get a minute I'll have a proper look.

    Idle rpm what's normal on these? It sits at 800 but can sometimes seem a little shaky but only very slight stays on 800 bet some people wouldn't notice but if I'm in traffic I keep watching it!

    My plans are to get the sump and pick up cleaned asap then search out any boost leaks as the pipes all look original. Try and get everything as it should be and then have a look at more nice shiny stuff! It has a forge dv fitted and the n294 delete but standard besides that.

    Sorry if its a bit long winded I have been busy lately so trying to get as much info as I can before going at the car on a free day!
    Cheers, Niall

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