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New S3! Now need advice on way forward!

westoast Feb 16, 2010

  1. westoast

    westoast New Member

    Hi Lads,

    I am sure there are a miliion lads askin this question, BUt...

    I have just bought myself an 03 S3! Its is my second car! I am coming from M3. and have to say that I miss the power of it! ButI am sure it is possible to get the same kind of power from the vag 1.8t! I can feel the potential!

    Basically I am looking for tuning advice! I Dont mean chassis susp brakes etc... I have that covered, but I am looking from adice from personal experience of tuning enigine for bhp and torque. what worked and more importantly, please let me know what didnt work! ha, dont mean to bring bad memoried up, but error is best lesson!

    I dont mind spending some money on the engine, But dont wannt go to drastic! More than a simple chip tune... But not other end of scale either

    Cheers all
  2. Sandip

    Sandip Well-Known Member Team Nogaro Blue

    Welcome, all depends on how many monies you have:)

    So much you can do, not sure where to start! Uprated tip, uprated dv, 3"down pipe with a sports cat and a good reputable map should get you a strong 40-50bhp increase, and all that would cost around £1k

    Then there's the option of a fmic, K04 Hybrid or a big turbo:)
  3. OllieH

    OllieH Member

    Loads of info here, that's what I used:


    Stage 1 remap can be done on a standard engine and will give about 260 bhp/lbft. For stage 2 you are looking at exhaust and intake panel filter, diverter valve at a minimum to give 270-280 bhp. A good FMIC would be a good addition to that list aswell for prolonged power. There is an AH Fabs one on the stickie above that is good apparently. That is what I will be going for. To get the torque you were used to on the M3 I think you would need a REVO remap as I think they go to around 300 lbft. Could be wrong there, maybe someone else can clarify.

    I like you don't want to go too far with the engine tuning, but may look into hybridising the standard K04 turbo, and using the uprated JBS manifold when it appears. I am led to believe this can give upto 300 BHP and 300+ lbft, which is probably on the safe side of what the standard internals can take.

  4. Dansmith

    Dansmith Member

    You've gone from an M3 as a first car?? bloody hell bet your insurance was fun on that! I'm 23 and still struggle to insure mine now. As all have said! re-map and and bolt on goodies can get you upto 270ish, any more and really you are looking at a big turbo conversion from what I've read!
  5. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    If you want M3 power then big turbo is the only way to go with that really... the lowly K04 (hybrid or std) will only ever give you around 280bhp max without help from water/meth injection and a load of other mods such as FMIC, 3" DP, exhaust system etc and then only with a stage 2/3 remap... for a little more you can do big turbo cheaply especially if you are handy with spanners but labour costs are what generally push the price of a BT conversion up...

    At that level of tune you would need to consider internal mods to the engine such as rods and valves as these are the weakest parts of a 1.8 20v engine.

    If you want some ideas on a cheaper way to go BT then check out my build thread (link in my sig...)


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