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New S3 flat spot in power?

dgannon May 1, 2010

  1. dgannon

    dgannon Dolphin Grey 2007 S3

    Hi guys,

    Just got my new Black edition S3 in white last week!

    It has a flat spot at 1800rpm only when pulling off with the wheels turned (not on lock). It's noticable when pulling out of junctions with the wheel turned and it can be noticed most when driving very calmly up to mildly... Can't pick up on it when doing a spirited start though!

    When you hit 1800rpm the car jerks as if you've let your foot of the clutch too fast and made the car jump a bit...

    Audi have had a look and can't fault it and took me in a used 09 plate and that did the same!

    Has anyone noticed this in their S3? I had an 2007 S3 before this and it did not do this!


  2. pluves1

    pluves1 Active Member

    Will have to try this tomorrow. Cant say I noticed although I do tend to drive 'spirited'! Does it do it if you are turning both left and right and presumably you're still in first gear?
  3. dgannon

    dgannon Dolphin Grey 2007 S3

    Yeah it doesn't matter which direction you're turning or if you have the wheel turned part or all the way...

    I notice it pulling into junctions in say 2nd gear as well. It's a very wierd blip!!

    Hopefully nothing stage 2 + won't be able to sort :)

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