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New S3 4 me??

ianmack Jan 31, 2004

  1. ianmack

    ianmack Member

    I been geeting itchy feet and thinking of getting a newer S3. I bought my cuurent about a year ago and I love it. The thing is though I want to get one of the last '03 225ps models, preferably in Dolphin, with all the toys including Sat-Nav, Bose etc. I intend it to be my last car change for at least 4 years as I have changed my car a lot over the last 3 years and my priorities are shifting with age and all that!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif

    So, I'm weighing up my options and checking out prices etc. At the moment there seems to be a few on the market but as you would expect they are at typical prices.
    I would expect to sell my S3 for a good price as it's very clean. I can wait until the summer before buying and I should be able to save a few bob 'til then but I am tempted to go for it now.

    What I'm looking for is advice on trading my existing Y plate S3 for an 03 now or should I wait for the summer.
    Is there any benefit to trading in or would I be better selling privately?
    What price should I look to pay on an 03 with all the goodies? What do you think I would get (approx) for my S3 now privately compared to trade?

    Y plate, 210ps, 30K, Ebony, NO dents, scratches, kerbies, Bose 6CD, Alu' Mirrors.

  2. NWMark

    NWMark Member

    Ive been keeping a close eye on autotrader for the past month or so and your looking at about 16k-17k for a 2001 S3. Not sure what you would be offered as trade in but its worth going and asking.

    If you are happy to take the trade in or think its just a little bit too low, you could advertise it privately at £500 more for a week and see if you get a private sale. If not you can still trade it for the original offer.

    Personally id say sell now, before another new reg comes out, but thats just me.

  3. AndybS3

    AndybS3 Member

    Hi Ian

    After seeing your car I would try selling private you shouldnt have any probs good low miliers are hard to come by at that age plus its a good colour, you would prob' get £500 - £1000 more than the trade-in then you get the same £500 - £1500 off the new car because youve no trade-in, dealers can afford to drop the price when they've no trade-in to sell on
  4. s8n

    s8n Member

    Sounds silly to me, keep the one you have... too much money to be lost and wait for the V6 S3
  5. markweir2000

    markweir2000 New Member


    Tyresmoke meet at knockhill 15th Feb

    are you interested - quite a few S3's and R32's comin along /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile_smoking.gif

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