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New S2 owner...

sAMsKi Nov 20, 2003

  1. sAMsKi

    sAMsKi New Member

    Hey up,

    I recently bought a nice low mileage S2 estate [L reg - 78K]. I love it!! I have had a slight problem with it when changing from first into second - normally with the revs high. It occasionally crunches the change into second. Is this likely to be a case of me getting used to the car? Somehow I doubt that as I don't crunch any other changes and it does seem to generally happen when the revs in 1st gear are high...any ideas?

    Ta, Sam. *pleased to join you lot*
  2. 603ELO

    603ELO Member

    Most cars suffer the most with sycromesh wear from first to second as is the change that is most rushed.

    From pure mechanical sympathy I rarely use high revs in first as gearbox loads are very high and second gear synco take a hammering.

    Particularly in a car like an S2, driving is not about high revs but torque. I would personally use first to get rolling and then change up to second rather than trying a flying start. You should not have any problems with second gear crunches then.

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