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New RS4 owner

Spice Jul 15, 2011

  1. Spice

    Spice New Member

    Afternoon All

    Just thought I would drop in. Just picked up the wife's new car, an RS4 Avant in Grey 2007.

    Beautiful car with all the extras. One thing is the sport button doesn't seem to make much of a difference in noise, but I will check out some threads here. Is it noticeable inside the car ?

    I currently drive a 2006 BMW M5 which is an absolute rocket ship. I have to say though, the RS4 would kick its ass if you ever went on a back road rally. The M5 is lethal in a straight line, but the RS4 when kept in the range would certainly do well.

    See you on the roads !

  2. Speedy Steve

    Speedy Steve Active Member

    check the butterfly valves in the exhaust!

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