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New Owner with Questions

fugel Jun 6, 2011

  1. fugel

    fugel New Member

    Should be picking up a A4 S-Line 2.0 Diesel 08 model (25k on the clock) on Friday and have a couple of questions about the car.

    1) Can anyone recommend somewhere that I could get rear parking sensors fitted (preferrably ones that are flush to the bodywork) at either a deal or good indepedent in Herts area (preferrably near Stevenage)?

    2) The external chrome trim around the windows appears to have got a cloudy look to it. I guess due to rain or chemicals used when washing the car previously. Has anyone found a way of restoring these back to their original condition or is the damage now permanent?

    3) There is a phone cradle next to the sat nav. Is it possible to get a cradle for a HTC desire to fit this bracket or can I connect the phone up to the car via bluetooth?

    4) Are there any watch-outs that I should look for on the car before I handover the money? Had a good look round and test drive and it seems to be in mint condition.
  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Welcome mate.

    TBH fella only PDC system that would be flush would be oem using oem kit, rest have that fugly surround that sticks out a little, however I have fitted oem ones to existing bumpers successfully for customers & they all ended up as flush, you cant buy the sensor brackets on there own, its whole new bumper plus paint that runs at £400 for part alone, but I have my oen way to doing it thats successful, so if interested give me a shout.

    I had a B6 S4 & had some of this, not read anyone as yet that has successfully rectified without putting new on mate, but maybe ask on detailingworld although there are a few detailers on this site you could ask in that section.

    If you have the phone prep then do a search on initial ignition on for audiuhv or cose to, if you find this via BT then yes you can pair & utilise this way, not sure if they have a Desire cradle available, would need to check tbh.

    Well of course check oil, filters, coolant, clutch, gear changes, smoke, brake wear, test drive, all normal things & if you can get it scanned with vcds then thats even better to check for any underlying faults or logs of past issues.

    Assume it will have a warranty, also a test drive when warm is also a good idea, somethings dont become obvious until warmed up.
  3. fugel

    fugel New Member

    Cheers for the reply - Are the Cobra parking sensors any good (i.e not fugly!!)?

    Forgot to mention the car is an automatic and it has had a full RAC check, which did not raise any issues. Checked the VIN number in the usual places against the documentation and all looks good. So hopefully no issues (fingers crossed).

    Did do a search of the internet for the chrome trim issue, but could only find old posts relating to the subject. Was posting up on here to see if anything had come to light recently. Will take this up on the detailingworld site.

    Also, if anyone can recommend any good Audi independent garages in the Herts area that would be great.

  4. janzbro

    janzbro New Member


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