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New Owner with 2.0 TFSI issues.!

BubbaB Aug 12, 2013

  1. BubbaB

    BubbaB New Member

    Hi Folks

    This is my first post on here so would just like to say hello to you all.

    I bought a 2006 A4 2.0 TFSI S-Line about 4 weeks ago and I am having lots of little issues with it.

    When the card is started from cold, it sometimes idles at either 1000 rpm or 1300 rpm, and once it is warm it drops to 800 rpm. What rpm should the car be sitting at when started from cold and should it drop to 800 rpm when warm.? The MAF sensor and PCV were replaced as the car was idling between 800 rpm and 1800 rpm just after I bought it.

    The front passenger window sometimes sticks when moving up or down. This was 'reset' by Audi which failed to work and then the regulator was replaced which still hasn't cured it. Any ideas.?

    This one is really starting to annoy me now. Sometimes when driving at a slow or quicker pace, the car is 'over revving'. When I go to change gear and take my foot off the gas and press the clutch, the revs start to climb. It can be anywhere between 200 rpm to 1000 rpm. And the other morning when leaving for work, I pulled away in 1st gear just under idle power and when I put my foot on the clutch the revs were rising to about 2000 rpm. After a couple of minutes it was ok though.? Any ideas on this one.? The garage I bought it from sent it to their Audi dealership workshop a couple of weeks ago and they allegedly changed some kind of pipe that was knackered and they reckoned it was fine after that. I had been complaining about the clutch slipping so maybe I gave the wrong info.?

    The last couple are silly things that I will do when I get a chance. Any idea how to replace the triangular metal trim on the rear door windows.? Mine are starting to corrode so thought it would be good to replace them. And any idea how to remove the armrest as the lid of mine doesn't lock and I am going to have to find one from a breakers.?


  2. rizzini7

    rizzini7 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Holding revs at gear change might be clutch switch mate. £15 for a new in and even I managed to change. Also for armrest I'm gonna order one of these. Damn site cheaper and apparently work
  3. LeeRMR

    LeeRMR New Member

    The hunting idle and revs holding sound a lot like a vacuum pipe / boost pipe leak to me.
  4. Chris-Vspec

    Chris-Vspec Member

    I would say clutch switch too.
  5. Chr1sch

    Chr1sch Member

    Mine did this, clutch switch sorted it - do it :)

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