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New Owner - Loads of questions re styling, lights etc...

David Cook Nov 8, 2011

  1. David Cook

    David Cook Member

    Hi guys,

    I fancy doing a few subtle mods just to personalise the car.

    I am thinking, interior leds, exterior led bulbs wherever possible for the number plates sidelights fogs etc.

    Also would like to get the new style LED DRL headlights but haven't a clue where to start looking.

    Finally for now also thinking about either changing or making the grill black as oppossed to the standard chrome.

    I don't want this to look chavvy and quite like it all to still look stock, but just different.

    So fire away with suggestions, links and any other ideas.

    Car is a A4 3.0TDi Quattro Avant in dark metallic grey.

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2011
  2. viceroy

    viceroy Active Member

    Hi, and welcome. Nothing wrong with a little personalisation of your pride and joy.

    Good start.
    Interior LED's are easy and quick to do. Will not throw error codes at all, and look really good.
    Throwing LED's into the exterior lights gets a little more complicated since you run the risk of errors popping up on your DIS.
    I've decided to do away with my error throwing LED number plate lights and replacing them with White xenon look bulbs.
    You can do the same with your side lights (I assume you're referring to the DRL lights in your headlights) and your fog lights.
    If you insist on LED's, then either try source error free canbus ones or install load resistors, but be aware, these put out a LOT of heat and I'd avoid them TBH.

    eBay is your friend here, but someone might be able to point you to a local UK/Euro supplier (I can't help as I'm based in South Africa)

    Another mod that looks good. you might even want to consider an RS4 type grille.

    Very nice!!!

    ANDYTQ Well-Known Member

    Try bmtown for lights and styling,they have some nice a4 stuff,welcome ,cheers Andy
  4. northernlight

    northernlight Member

    Read this thread with interest as I'd like to replace my very yellow looking DRL's for something whiter as well. They do look rather antique next tot he xenons!

    I was under the impression from previous searching that these bulbs were quite rare and thus i gave up as i couldn't be bothered with the LED route. Does anyone know what the OEM DRL bulbs are and ideas for whiter replacements?
  5. viceroy

    viceroy Active Member

    You'll need similar to these:
    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
    The bulb type is 1156

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