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New owner, couple of questions!

Pandy Nov 17, 2010

  1. Pandy

    Pandy A3 Cab TDI

    Hi all,

    I'm new so go easy on me!

    Quick history, I've sold my last car, a Supra TT, as it just cost far too much to run, last weekend and have always wanted an A3, so took the plunge. Whilst looking around, I had my heart set on a new 2.0 TDi S Line hatchback, but the boss (missus) got what she always wanted, and we (she!) plumped for a standard 58 Cabriolet.

    To be fair, I'm quite happy with it - but there are a couple of things I'd like to change.

    The alloys - which are already ordered, and therefore it'll be lowered slightly as well.
    The headlights.

    My first question is Can the new spec 'facelift' headlights be fitted to replace the older spec headlights?

    And secondly:

    Does the Audi world have a few well known aftermarket specialists/traders etc websites to look at? (As you're probably aware, Supras were very easy to look for facelift equipment etc.)

    Thanks everyone!

  2. s3_stig

    s3_stig Member

    Wrong section mate you need to be in the 8p this is 8l
  3. Pandy

    Pandy A3 Cab TDI

    Ah yes, I literally went to my dinner, cameback and noticed I'd put this in the wrong forum!

    If a mod could move this please?

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